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  • Why Aishify

    we are:

    - affordable

    - vegan

    - handmade

    - locally sourced

    - weebs you can trust

    all our oils last at least 8 hours and can be applied anywhere on the skin.

  • Allergies

    while our oils ARE hypoalergenic, we do reccommend you do a spot check. if a reaction happens, please don't use it.

    Aishify is not responsible for any allergic reactions. Be sure to read through the list carefully before purchasing.

  • usage tips

    these aren’t for drinking. please don’t drink them.

    best place to rub them are: wrists, sides of the neck, forearms, or across the upper chest.

    blend two different oils on your skin for a whole different fragrance. we recommend sweet with dark.

    ex: telepath x scarecrow sensei

  • do they expire?

    yeah, but you've got about two years before they sour.

    they will become darker due to oxidation if you leave them exposed to the air or in the sunlight.

  • Refund Policy

    presently, we don't offer refunds.

    we do offer store credit, a discount code on your next order or a reshipment if there are any issues such as broken or missing items.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience! If you happen to be missing an item, don't fear. Please email us as soon as possible stating your name, which item(s) you are missing from your order and send us these two things in particular:

    1. Your Order Number

    2. A picture of all of the items you have received. (Including the bubble mailer and any incentives such as candy, stickers etc).*

    *Please note that all items are needed in the picture to ensure that your package was not tampered with.

  • Once we have received these two things we will go ahead and ship you what you are missing. If we have sent any other scents by mistake, there is no need to return them. We will email you your shipping number for your item(s) as soon as it has been shipped. 

  • There is a 24 hour window between the item being delivered and a declaration of any missing/broken items. If you contact us 24 hours after the shipping carrier has confirmed the delivery of your items any opportunity for a reshipment will be unavailable.

  • USPS is used to ship our products and the handling time is 4-5 business days.

    once your order has been shipped please wait for 3-5 days for their system to update!

  • afterwards, your order should be delivered at your doorstep in 1-2 weeks.

    also, if your package was recently shipped please wait for at least 2 business days for the carrier to get up to date with the tracking information.

  • DISCLAIMER: due to the holiday periods, shipping times might be extended!


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