Shipping policy

What carriers and services do you offer?

USPS for orders in the United states and USPS for international orders. Shipping cost will be added depending on your location.

How long is the handling time between when an order is placed and when it will ship?

The processing and handling time between ordering and shipping for fragrances is 10-15 business days for customers both international customers and those that are located in the United States. USPS on average will take 1-2 weeks to deliver your order. You will receive your tracking e-mail once the order has been shipped.

Do orders need to be placed before a specific time? 

Orders can be placed at anytime.


I need to change my address, how do I do that?

Please e-mail us your name, order number and the corrected address at

Is there anywhere you don't deliver, like P.O. boxes, specific states or countries?

We are able to deliver anywhere but shipping and handling rates will be included.

Disclaimer: We have been a little overwhelmed with orders lately and we are a team of two. There is a little delay in shipping out orders at USPS. So please bear with us, but shipping out orders will not take longer than a 15 business days from purchase.

Aishify is not responsible for any allergic reactions. All the ingredients are listed on the website. Be sure to read through the list carefully before purchasing.