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Scent List


Here's our current growing list of the character and their inspired scents! For more information on how to request your favs check out our FAQ!


Moon - A sugary burst of pink and magic; this scent brings forth memories of candy and snack time in kindergarten.

Mercury - A gentle wave of watery elegance; this scent is reminiscent of glaciers, weddings and plums!

Venus - A tropical blast of a beach at noon; this scent is a fun mix of coconut, cotton candy and party!

Mars - A fiery explosion of sunset and sunrise; this scent is mellow rosy and highly romantic!

Jupiter - A sublime strike of lightning in a rainforest; this scent is a passionate blend of mango and passion fruit!

Uranus- a fresh, solid scent of moonflower, tree bark, pear leaves and spearmint for a breezy feel.

Neptune- a warm, languid mix of peony blossoms, jasmine, ginger and amaryllis leaves

Saturn- a mellow blend of lavender, cherry blossoms, vanilla bean with an underlying hint of pineapple for crispness

Pluto- a mature blend of orange blossom leaves, spearmint, cedar wood, sandalwood with a fresh undertone of lime


Godspeed - an electric mix of pomegranate, cinnamon and candy; Killua’s fragrance is both fiery and delicious! 

Rock, Paper, Scissors! - a playful, fun mix of ginger, oranges, pears and sandalwood; Gon’s fragrance is warm and inviting of good times, adventure and an unwavering trust of getting better!

Kurta - a mellow scent of citrus fruits and sage leaves; Kurapika’s fragrance brings to mind forgotten melodies and fierce determination. 

Bungee Gum - a seductive, powerful mix of bubble gum, rose and peony blossoms; Hisoka’s fragrance is dark, alluring and wonderfully addictive. 

Meteor City - a deep, surprisingly warm scent that is comprised of roasted caramel, mangos and passionfruit; Chrollo’s fragrance brings to mind the chilling comfort of an abandoned playground. 

Needle Man - a raw, cool scent that’s comprised of passionfruit, roasted spearmint leaves and ginger; Illumi’s fragrance will curl over you and draw followers, just like the needles he’s fond of using. 


King of the Court - a raw, dark musk that settles and ensnares your senses; this scent is salted caramel, peony blossoms and roasted sandalwood. An imperial, domineering scent fit for a King.

Captain - an electric scent of roasted spearmint, plums, and ginger; it’s a fondly seductive fragrance that earns multiple double-takes. 

Ace - a subtle, soft and warm fragrance from roasted cranberry with an underlying trace of mint for a clean burst.

Little Giant - a fun, bright blend of rose, cotton candy and pomegranate for a delightfully mellow scent.

Rolling Thunder - a broiling mix of blackberry, sandalwood, passion fruit and roasted sakura blossoms; this scent lingers and, like it’s name, it thunders.

Tsukki - this scent has undercurrents of bergamot, green apple, cedarwood and violet leaves. It’s a buoyant, outspoken fragrance that doesn’t leave any doubt about how good this scent is.


Sukuna’s Fingers - this fragrance is powerful and elegantly malevolent; the notes are ginger, plum, amber and roasted amaryllis petals

Infinite Void ;D - bright green apple, violet leaves and amber with dark undercurrents of freesia for a fragrance that can go on forever

Divergent Fist! - this fragrance makes impact twice - with top notes of passionfruit, mangoes, citrus and undercurrents of peony blossoms, and chocolate.

Demon Dog - a mellow blend of plum, ginger and caramel with undercurrents of chocolate and lightly singed rose petals. Sukuna would approve! 

Salmon Roe - a quiet yet fierce scent consisting of roasted black cherries, bergamot and peony blossoms. Words have power and scent does, too!

Girl of Steel - a sweetly floral scent consisting of blackberries, freesia, and a touch of grapefruit for a lasting impact. It brings heat and you’ll simp for it!

Overtime - a very functional and elegant blend of aloe vera, roasted spearmint, and cherry blossoms with undercurrents of eucalyptus and violet leaves. Relaxed, responsible and ready for anything both on and off the clock!


United States of Smash - named after All Might’s epic technique; this scent is a whirlwind of melon fruits with a hint of unwavering bravery! 

Deku’s Tears- if you’ve ever wondered what Deku smelled like when he wore that suit to rescue Bakugo, this is it. Loyalty, determination, and sandalwood! 

Bakugo’s Sweat - a sharp, explosive scent! This scent is a burst of energy with an underlying trace of coconut.

Uravity :’) - a sweet scent that’s as adorable as Uraraka’s blush; this scent is calming, gentle and brings to mind thoughts of fruit punch and gummy bears! 

Indifferent or Clueless (Shoto) - this scent is bold but gentle; mildly spicy and cool! Shoto’s scent is unwavering, just like his loyalty - but really, was Shoto ignoring the social cues or just unaware of what’s going on? 

Dabi Is A Todoroki - change our mind! This electric scent that brings thoughts of fireworks and burnt spearmint leaves is as laid-back and fiery as everyone’s favorite villain. 

Mirko’s Smirk: an electric blend of moonflower, dark cherries, passionfruit and a hint of coconut for an alluring, lasting fragrance; Mirko’s Smirk is seductively fierce, perfect for the No. 5 Pro Hero

Dadzawa: a smoky, comforting scent that is made up from malt, roasted caramel and darkened sandalwood; this scent is gentle and mellow, fitting for Class 1-A’s unspoken father :)

Fierce Wings: a refreshing, deep burst of roasted chocolate, vanilla bean, and a hint of tropical citrus; this scent is fitting for the No. 2 Pro Hero


Attack Titan: a deep, melodic blend of ginger, pears, peony blossoms, and sandalwood

Red Scarf: a rosy scent made up of moonflower, caramel and dark cherries

Seaside: a refreshing aquatic burst of roasted pomegranate leaves, spearmint and sandalwood.

Humanity’s Strongest Soldier: a woodsy, clean fragrance with a touch of pears and eucalyptus for an underlying warm feel.

Jeanie: a bouncy scent of blackberry with darker notes of malt and chocolate for an evolving aura. 

Titan Serum: a perfectly blended mix of lavender, vanilla, plums and cedarwood for a chaotic neutral feel.


Tanjiro - a warm, woodsy burst of malt, sandalwood with a touch of ginger and roasted plums 

Zenitsu - a tangy blend of grapefruit, melon, jasmine and peony blossoms for an electrifying scent

Inosuke - a fierce and powerful fragrance of freesia, amaryllis leaves, and roasted rose petals that softens out with sandalwood, amber and a tiny hint of coconut to brighten it up

Nezuko - an elegant kick of spiced sweets; this scent is a blend of cherry blossom, black cherries, moonflower and passionfruit with lower notes of green apple and caramel.


Kakashi’s Mask - a subtle scent of malt, earth and a hint of ginger; this scent is aptly named for the laid-back but efficient leader of Team 7! 

Amaterasu (Itachi) - a bold, but oddly comforting scent of deadly elegance and burnt orange leaves; this scent is one that darkly lingers, just like the black flames of the Mangekyo Sharingan

Uchiha Sasuke. - a quiet scent of dark plums, singed roses and a hint of ginger; this scent is blunt, dark and to the point.

Oodama Rasenshuriken - a bright scent of determination, adventure and sandalwood; this scent inspires thoughts of a battle and the sunrise that comes when it’s won! 


Goku’s Spirit Bomb - a mellow scent, edible and happy! This scent is a blend of mangos, anticipation and sage leaves. 

Vegeta’s Gallic Gun- a warm, but musky scent of dark caramel, chocolate and sandalwood, this scent is post-Cell Vegeta. A Vegeta that is settled but still determined to beat his rival! 

Capsule Corp - an elegant mix of expensive clothes and peony blossoms; this is clearly the scent of the world’s richest and smartest woman who loves a good invention and an even greater adventure.

Freeza’s Death Ball - a raw, somewhat dark spice that packs a punch and still lingers after you’ve passed by; this scent fits the callous planet-destroyer. 


Joestar Bizarre - a quirky mix of pomegranate, cranberry and cool spearmint leaves; this is the elegant and proud scent of the Joestar Family! 

It’s Dio’s World - a warm, fiery scent of sandalwood, mango and a tiny hint of cinnamon for that kick; this is the scent of the man whose Stand is point blank called The World for a reason! 

Star Platinum - a raw, elegant mix of burnt Sakura blossoms, peony blossoms and ginger; this is the scent of Jotaro! (If stardust has a fragrance... this is it!)