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Academic Chaos Line (Aromatherapy)

Academic Chaos Line (Aromatherapy)

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Can be Put in:

  • Baths
  • Diffusers
  • Oil Burners

Includes: Disposable pipette droppers for essential oils

Ingredients: Natural fragrance oil. Fractionated palm kernel oil, Fractionated coconut oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E . (Alcohol and Paraben-free!)


Deku’s Tears: if you’ve ever wondered what Deku smelled like when he wore that suit to rescue Bakugo, this is it. Loyalty, determination, and sandalwood!

Bakugo’s Sweat: a sharp, explosive scent! This scent is a burst of energy with an underlying trace of coconut.

Uravity: a sweet scent that’s as adorable as Uraraka’s blush; this scent is calming, gentle and brings to mind thoughts of fruit punch and gummy bears!

Indifferent or Clueless (Shoto) : this scent is bold but gentle; mildly spicy and cool! Shoto’s scent is unwavering, just like his loyalty - but really, was Shoto ignoring the social cues or just unaware of what’s going on?

Dabi Is A Todoroki: change our mind! This electric scent that brings thoughts of fireworks and burnt spearmint leaves is as laid-back and fiery as everyone’s favorite villain.

United States Of Smash: Named after All Might’s Epic Technique; this scent is a whirlwind of melon fruits with a hint of unwavering bravery