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Our Goal

We want to bring you a variety of products inspired by your favorite anime characters. Our goal is to bring a new way to enjoy anime inspired merchandise to the community. From vegan and handmade perfumes to embroidered sweatshirts to many more!

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  • An Essential

    The sailor mars scent is now one of my essential scents! It’s so perfect and it lasts all day :) Hope to see it in body spray form one day if it isn’t already!

    – Kara on Magical Girl Line (Body Oil)

    Check out Sailor Mars 
  • Love Kakashi’s scent

    It smells masculine and I can imagine Kakashi wearing this on his off days. I think this compares to high-end perfumes. 🥷🏻💕

    – JanG on Fiery Four Line (Body Oil)

    Check out Kakashi's Mask 

    My friend got me Deku’s Tears and honestly, it smells so good. Just like pine trees. It was a funny inside joke between me and my friend so it was lovely. Would recommend for sure!

    – Alexander on Academic Chaos Line (Body Oil)

    Check out Deku's Tears 
  • It's Super Cute

    It’s super cute and I like the fragrance, it was a gift for my younger sibling and I can’t wait to gift it to them they got a serious Hisoka addiction. I will update more about the quality after they wear it. 🥰

    – Cherie on Yorknew City Line (Body Oil)

    Check out Bungee Gum 
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