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Ever wondered what your favorite Anime character would smell like? Now you can know with our vegan and handmade perfumes! 

3 ml & 5 ml & 10 ml & 30 ml

Ingredients: Natural fragrance oil, fractionated palm kernel oil, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. 


Aang: a light, buoyant mix of geranium, nutmeg, and roasted vanilla bean that brings to mind a mid-Spring wind

Katara: a cool, elegant mix of moonflower, peach, and peppermint

Sokka: a comforting blend of sandalwood, grapefruit, plum and cedar wood

Zuko: a fiery scent of cardamom, toasted cinnamon, coriander and ginger

Toph: a neutral earthy scent of patchouli, green apples and tangerine



Ingredients: Natural fragrance oil. Fractionated palm kernel oil, Fractionated coconut oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E . (Alcohol and Paraben-free!)

How to use

Our Body Oils have a base of fractionated coconut oil and palm kernel oil - lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin!

Because the oils are taken into the skin, the fragrance will last at least 5-8 hours.

Our oils are hypoallergenic which means people with allergies to regular perfume can safely use them! We do recommend you do a skin test on your wrist first.

Best place to rub them are: wrists, sides of the neck, forearms, or across the upper chest.

Blend two different oils on your skin for a whole different fragrance. We recommend sweet with dark. Ex: King of the Court x Uravity


USPS is used for orders located in United States and international orders. Shipping and customs cost will be added depending on your location.

Packaging and Handling time between ordering and shipping for oils is 10-15 business days (Mon-Thur) for every buyer worldwide. The sweatshirts will be made to order and take 1-2 weeks for processing, after being processed they will be shipped.

Once your order has been shipped the status will update to “pre-transit”. Once USPS has scanned your package the status will change to “in-transit”. There may be delays in scanning and transit during the holiday seasons.

We are not held reliable for any delays during shipment, lost and damaged packages due to it being out of our control.

Return policy

There are no returns.

Due to the fact that the oils are packaged and put in containers and bottles and we are not aware if the customer has used the product or not, the customer is not able to return or exchange the item. There are a limited amount of items being sold. If your item has been stolen we will be unable to refund due to the fact that we are only able to control what occurs after shipping. Because these are made to order and there is a limited number of perfumes and shirts available there will be no refunds, returns or exchanges! If you would like to change your shirt size please email us during the processing period so we can make adjustments!

Please make sure you are 100% sure you would like to purchase the item before buying.

Don't see your favorite character on our site?

Have no fear, we are currently planning on making more inspired perfumes in the future and will be supplying what is wanted based on your request! If you would like to send us a formal request, please Contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Victoria Cierley

I got three sample-sized fragrances -- Boomerang Man, Suit of Armor, and Sakura Mochi -- and all of them smell wonderful! They're delicate and long-lasting. Going to be hard to choose which full-size to buy ;) This was my first order from Aishify and I'm very pleased.

Jannassa Do
The perfumes are wonderful!

I love all of them! They each have a unique fragrance and I think they all fit their respective characters well.

Antonio Teague
Very satisfied

I love this product!

Twinkle Toes is so cute!

I’ve never described a fragrance as cute before, but genuinely this fragrance is so adorable! It’s not overly sweet, it is the perfect balance. Something I can imagine on a picnic with the wind blowing the flowers while eating vanilla ice cream! It just puts a smile on my face and makes me happy!

Pepper p.
It makes my skin super sparkly

I bought the glitter inspired by toph. The glitter actually shows up on your skin and the smell is quite strong. Exactly what I needed. This one smells like apples just like they described my friends complimented me and even asked where they got it from. Overall I give it a 10/10. Def buying when it runs out.